Post-Periodontal Therapy Gold Coast

Following periodontal therapy, you should closely follow the advice of your specialist

Please be aware it is usual for patients (particularly those receiving lengthy treatments) to feel tired or lethargic for a couple of days. There are two reasons this may occur:

  • Immune system spike dealing with the treatment-induced bacteraemia
  • Stress induced by adrenaline contained in local anaesthetics and produced when patients are anxious

If you have any discomfort please take the analgesics administered (Advil/Panadeine/ Panadol). It is best to avoid taking prescribed tablets on an empty stomach. Up to eight tablets can be taken in one day of each analgesic given.

What to avoid

  • No vigorous activity – avoid sport until at least the following day
  • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption and smoking. If taking a course of Flagyl antibiotics, it is important to avoid alcohol until your course is completed
  • You may eat and drink; however avoid hot and acidic foods and liquids
  • Be careful not to bite your numbed cheek, lip or tongue as the anaesthetic may not yet have worn off

Some swelling may occur after your surgery; this will usually resolve within 48-72 hours, and will disappear completely. Please call our practice if you have any concerns. Any swelling can be reduced by using an ice-pack for 20 minutes, then taking it off for 20 minutes before repeating, when you arrive home.

What to remember

  • Rest and sleep with your head raised
  • Please complete your entire course of antibiotics if prescribed, and take analgesics as required
  • Please use Savacol mouth rinse for 4 weeks after periodontal therapy, then discontinue use

As the gums heal some shrinkage will occur, this is a normal healing process as the gum inflammation resolves.


Do not rinse your mouth until the following morning as the blood clot may be disturbed and start bleeding. Clean your teeth thoroughly, making sure you floss the next morning and re-commence using both mouth rinses provided.

If bleeding starts, fold gauze or a clean handkerchief (not tissues) into a wad and place it over the wound, then bite firmly for 30 minutes. Streaks of blood in saliva are quite normal for several days after periodontal therapy.