Overdentures Gold Coast

Implant overdentures provide a comfortable and effective full-arch replacement

Dental implants are titanium bolts which, when placed appropriately in the jaw, become fused (osseo-integrated) with the living bone and can retain and stabilise dentures, or even support new teeth.

There has been no recorded allergic reaction to titanium and it is considered 100% biocompatible. There is over 35 years of solid medical data recording their long-term success in dentistry.

How are these techniques used to replace a full row of teeth?

Oral implant techniques have recently become simpler and are now available to a wider range of patients. Patients who have lost all their teeth (edentulous) are a particular needy group as their lower full dentures are renowned for being unstable and difficult to wear, which may then compromise good nutrition and quality of life.

An implant-retained mandibular overdenture significantly increases chewing function (approximately six-fold) and is now considered the “first choice standard of care for lower edentulous patients” (The Magill consensus statement on overdentures Int J Oral Maxfac 2002; Int J Prosthetics 2002; Gerodontology 2002)

Patients who receive overdentures commonly speak about a vast improvement in comfort and function when speaking and chewing, as compared to standard dentures.

The overdenture process

Before commencing treatment, it is important you sit with our specialist periodontists to best determine how to approach your individual treatment. During this consultation we can determine the type of prosthetic you require, an approximate timeframe and length of treatment, and help to manage your expectations and specific concerns about the treatment.

As with all surgical procedures, it is important you understand the risks before commencing treatment.

Will overdentures help to improve nutrition?

Significant increases in the nutrition of patients who have received implant overdenture treatment have been documented through a number of studies, whilst no improvement in nutrition was recorded for patients who received traditional dentures. Furthermore, improvements in quality of life for patients have also been documented.

This comes from an improvement in functionality and appearance of the denture. As an implant overdenture full-arch replacement is a permanent fixture, you will experience no more uncomfortable loose fitting dentures, no more trouble eating, and no more speech impediments due to ill-fitting dentures.

Are you a suitable candidate?

To be a suitable candidate for implant overdenture treatment patients should be in good general health, and have a good level on jawbone retention in the affected area. Patients should undergo a comprehensive oral health examination before being considered for any type of dental implant treatment.