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Dental Implants FAQ's

It is important to note that a dental implant itself is not a tooth. They are dental prosthetics used as a replacement for missing teeth. Generally, dental implants are made up of a metal (e.g. titanium) that is installed into your jaw, of which a fixed bridge, partial denture, full denture or single crown can be fitted on top of. As soon as the implanting has assimilated into your bone, a supporting structure called an abutment is fitted onto the implant as the point of attachment for the artificial tooth/teeth. Simply put, dental implants consist of three processes: the dental implant, the abutment and the artificial tooth.

Dental implants are not subject to dental diseases such as tooth decay, unlike natural teeth, since they are prosthetics. However, to maintain a lasting dental implant, gum health is of the utmost importance. Patients must be diligent and thorough in their daily oral hygiene routine and remember to regularly go in for professional cleanings and check-ups so that the success of the dental implant is lasting. It is important to remember though that every patient and their journey is different, so the success of their implant(s) depends on their diagnosis, medical history, planning and a variety of other factors.

Patients who wear full or partial dentures are actually the ones who most commonly get dental implants. If a patient has a removable implant overdenture then dental implants can be used to provide support and retention so that they essentially snap onto the implants. And so, the full or partial denture does not move so the patient does not need to rely as heavily on denture adhesive or denture glue. Another use for dental implants is a fixed denture. This is when a patient’s dentures are fixed or bolted to the implants through titanium screws. Once these have been installed only the dentist can remove them from the mouth.

The benefits to be had from dental implants go far beyond simply repairing the aesthetics of your smile and can even help to prevent the dissolution of your bone and with it, the early signs of ageing associated with tooth loss. There are so many things that can contribute to the loss of one or even many teeth. Sugar has become a massive part of our diets and living longer also means that dental implants might be inevitable rather than elective. Dental implants replace your teeth in every single way and can last you your whole life if maintained correctly.

During the treatment, you will definitely be able to wear your full or partial dentures, however, there will be a few days after the placement of the implant that you will be told not to. We recommend that you do not wear your dentures immediately after the procedure to allow your mouth to heal, though this timespan is very short and lasts around 2-4 days. After this initial period you are free to wear your dentures until all of your necessary teeth have been replaced. A synthetic tooth substitute may be supplied if you should need it when replacing a single tooth.