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Gum Cosmetics Gold Coast

The shape of your teeth plays an important role in the overall appearance of your smile; however, your gums are equally as important!

If your gums are too long, too short or uneven, it can cause your smile to appear unbalanced and out of proportion with the rest of your features. Gums that show too much or are too long can make your smile appear “gummy,” whereas gums that are too short, or have receded to reveal more of the tooth’s root, can cause your teeth to look too long.

At Pacific Periodontics, we offer cosmetic gum treatment for patients who are experiencing dissatisfaction with the appearance of their gum line and smile. This involved the meticulous reshaping and redesigning of the gum line.

What are common cosmetic gum issues?

Excessive gum tissue

When your smile has too much gum in its gum-to-teeth ratio, your periodontist may choose to recontour the gum line to reveal more of the tooth’s crown (the upper portion of the tooth). In this instance, ‘crown lengthening’ may be performed, which, as the name suggests, lengthens the appearance of the crown. This is performed by removing part of the gum tissue.

Receding gum tissue

Receding gums can sometimes be more than just a cosmetic issue. When the gums recede, more of the tooth’s root (which has no protective enamel coating) becomes exposed. Not only is this part of the tooth more yellow in colour, it also is more sensitive to cold and touch, as well as being more susceptible to decay. Your periodontist may choose a gum-grafting procedure to restore balance to your teeth and gum line. This procedure involves taking tissue from one part of the mouth, and placing it in another where the tissue is lacking.  For example, tissue from the roof on your mouth may be used to lengthen the gum line and to cover the exposed tooth roots. In rarer cases, donor tissue might even be used. Your periodontist will thoroughly examine your mouth to determine the optimal course of treatment for you, and to ensure the most effective and natural results.

Uneven gum line

If the gum line is perceived to be uneven, or some teeth show more than others, it is possible to re-contour and reshape the gum line using a combination of crown lengthening and grafting treatments, or one or the other. Your periodontist will determine the treatment which will be of greatest benefit to your unique needs.

What can I expect from cosmetic gum treatment?

Cosmetic gum treatment can be a relatively simple procedure, and is usually completed in-office. Treatments involving tissue grafting can have a slight longer recovery time, as there are two sites to be healed; the donor tissue and the recipient site. As with other oral procedures, it is recommended that you eat a softer, more manageable diet in the days post-procedure to give your mouth the best chance to fully heal. Whichever treatment is required, it is likely you’ll be able to be back to normal day-to-day life the very next day!

To find out more about cosmetic gum treatment at Pacific Periodontics on the Gold Coast, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today.